The Philistines

Interstellar Rock 'n Roll

Their music can be as cosmic as it is furious, but even when things get feral and effusive, it’s delivered with impressive polish and finesse, from the strong lead vocals and keen harmonies to the impressive guitar play, the keyboard filigrees and the volcanic percussion.
— Tim Finn, The Kansas City Star
They’ve developed a reputation for a sound that draws from classic stoner rock and psych rock — as the sextet pairs enormous, buzzing power chords, a driving motorik groove, thundering drumming, and an expansive song structure but with a modern take on the familiar.
— William Ruben Helms, The Joy of Violent Movement
Absolutely crushing and unapologetic about it, the six piece makes music that unfurls like a psychedelic cross-country road trip. Fast and heated, The Philistines refuse to stop their aural onslaught once it begins.
— Brian Clifton, Mills Record Company
This six-piece rock band has an enormous sound that absolutely permeates the audience wherever they play. Their tightly crafted, pop-influenced songs leave ample room for unexpected musical turns and vocal surprises.
— Mitch Brian, 435 Magazine
The Philistines are like a capsule of a time in music history when you could hear the 13th Floor Elevators back-to-back with the Supremes, and I’m in goddamn love. This is the band I want to play all my parties.
— Nick Spacek, The Pitch